The Papadopoulos Construction company undertakes the restoration of homes, stores and professional spaces, offering solutions that are adapted to their needs. We aim at the best possible utilization of every space, so that it can combine functionality with aesthetics.

Through new, innovative ideas and applications we provide solutions to issues of restoration and decoration. We give particular emphasis to issues of cost saving and heating energy consumption, being specialized in applications of thermal insulation and thermal facades.

Furthermore, we have a significant experience in plasterboard-false ceiling applications, providing modern state-of-the-art solutions, guaranteeing results that meet every desire and cover every need of our customers.

The use of excellent quality materials, our specialized technical staff and the continuous supervision of all the works by an engineer guarantee the high quality level of every construction.

More particularly, we undertake

  • Building of homes
  • Restoration of living rooms, Restoration of bedrooms, Restoration of bathrooms, Restoration of kitchens
  • Decoration of bedrooms, Decoration of bathrooms, Decoration of the Kitchen with the use of Photorealism – Photorealistic plans with the AutoCAD program
  • Restoration of stores – professional spaces
  • Decoration of home & professional spaces, with the use of Photorealism – Photorealistic plans with the AutoCAD program
  • Restoration of hotels
  • Restoration-Renovation of buildings
  • Internal and external thermal insulation – thermal facades
  • Plasterboards – 3D plasterboards – mineral fibers – coverings
  • Hydraulic installations – painting – electrical installations
  • Fireplace coverings – plaster decorations
  • Style Painting – Partition Walls – False Ceilings
  • Painting
  • Tile Laying
  • LED Lighting
  • Optical fibers
  • Wooden floors, and many other applications that we can discuss together